Youth Basketball Drills Pdf

Make sure every player is jump stopping correctly. Immediately after making the chest pass, the player will explode to the free-throw line where the coach will pass the ball back to them. After the shot, the players can come back on the other side of the floor doing the same thing. The two most important things this drill teaches is how to defensive slide properly and also how to drop step when playing defense.

Youth basketball drills pdf

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Use both halves of the court and create small-sided games depending on the amount of players you have. This drill can be run from any spot on the floor in which you want your players to work on contested jumpers.

Youth basketball drills can be tricky. The player receiving the basketball should be starting in a low stance and showing target hands.

Make sure players are attacking the ring at the correct angle. This process repeats for a set amount of time. As time goes on, players should become quicker at completing this drill. Players then take it in turns shooting with the aim to swish each shot through the net.

The object of this drill is to create some competition while enhancing dribbling skills at game speed. The defense should work on moving their feet, playing defense without their hands, and beating the offense to the spot. The ball should always end up back in the strong hand after each move is performed.

This is a simple but effective drill that will improve and allow you to teach jump stops and pivoting. The players that make the shot get a reward from the coach.

Now you are equipped with a plethora of new basketball drills to run for your youth team! Sharks and Minnows is one of my favorite games for youth practices.

This includes defensive stance, sprinting, and backpedaling. Each player should have a partner that they are lined up across the lane from like in the diagram below. It will end up with blood noses. The team on offense will only need one basketball.

This drill is performed with a basketball and a wall. Once the offense breaks for the basket, the defense sprints and tries to back-tap the basketball from the offensive player. This is one of the best drills I know for improving passing and decision making. The beauty of these drills? If they make it, evidence based medicine book pdf they quickly rebound their ball and throw it to the next person in line.

Youth basketball drills pdf

Teach all players how to defensive slide and drop step at the beginning of the drill. The first two players in line have a basketball. This drill works on ball-handling and protecting the dribble. Split your guys into three even teams. After each shot, the shooter must run and touch half-court before shooting their next one.

Have one offensive player stand at the free throw line, and a defensive player facing him an arms length away. The coach must first create a large square in the half-court by placing four cones an even distance apart. Preferably the teams are different colors so that they can differenciate between each other during the drill. One in front of each line. This continues until there is one dribbler left and they are the winner.

Youth basketball drills pdfYouth basketball drills pdfYouth basketball drills pdf

They come back down the opposite side of the court using the same principles. Players alternate shooting and getting their own rebound from anywhere on the court. At each cone have your players execute a dribble move.

36 Basketball Drills

Encourage the offensive player to use head fakes and quick changes of pace to throw the defender off. The goal of the game is to make your shot before the person behind you makes their shot. After a player has taken a shot, they can either return to the end of the same line or rotate lines either clockwise or anticlockwise. They should try to turn the offense as many times as possible. Make sure everyone is getting a turn to pass on offense.

The first pair comes out and sets themselves up directly opposite each other on the two parallel lines of the key. If a dribbler commits a dribbling violation, they are automatically out. Once the players are in pairs, they must stand on a line parallel from their partner.

If the defenders get a steal or deflect the basketball out of bounds, it becomes their ball and the offense and defense switch roles. This drill starts with a line at the top of the key and a line on each wing. This is a drill to work different movements when your players are on defense.

Make sure players are using good footwork and good fakes. This is a drill that helps to work on transition offense and defense by playing advantages and disadvantages.

Every players has a basketball. Their first action is to take two explosive dribbles out from the line and then perform a controlled jump stop. Your players should start by dribbling the ball in their strong hand while throwing the tennis ball up in the air with their weak hand. If the taggers are struggling to tag anyone, consider allowing them to run around without having to dribble a basketball. The taggers then do their best to tag each player dribbling a basketball.

Once your players are comfortable with the jump stops and are performing them correctly, you can make the drill more advanced by adding pivots. It also doubles as a ballhandling drill, as the ballhandler has to dribble with defensive pressure. Encourage the defensive player to get up close and play hard defense.