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But with lines like the ones quoted below this writer has a long way to go. In the end, Evan was selfish and self centered and Piper was a whiny doormat, but there's a lot sexy times.

That's not to say I don't think it could have been good. Until he realizes what he truly wants and has to decide what he wants to do. Yes, he still got some crazies now and then, but the ones he helped made it worth it. Can he finally have that second chance he always hoped for with his first love or has that ship sailed with all of this work he has been doing for other women?

Evan thinks this is his second chance to make things right with Piper, but without having to change anything in his life. The thought process for these characters was all over the map for me.

This happens over and over and over. It just didn't do it for me.

The Baby Maker

Eventually I skimmed those parts searching for some action or dialogue that moved the plot forward. Open Preview See a Problem? The last chapter and the epilogue were skims for me. Well I'm venturing to say that this seat has been vacated. The dialogue was horrible.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Evan did the worse thing he could have possibly done when he walked away from Piper ten years ago, but he thought it was best for her.

The Baby Maker is a contemporary romance novel about lost love, wanting what the heart wants, pushing past your boundaries and accepting what you can't change, 2sc3907 pdf but remaining optimistic that you will. What will she think when the person she find to help her get pregnant is none other than her first love? Tia Siren has written a fantastic book which I will highly recommend to others.

Honestly, don't waste your time with this book. Well, his contract with her is exclusive, she had said she didn't want him seeing clients and he said fine.

Evan's rational for what he does for me was a dozy. My opinion is that if you stick your dick in crazy than you earn every moment of discomfort that you experience from it. This book had lots of sexy-fun-times and was very enjoyable to read. It's almost like they are toddlers or are drunk or have a mental illness because they are beyond angry and one stupid sentence and they are falling into bed again.

Or realizing you made a mistake and talking to the other person before a decade goes by? It grabbed my attention from the very first and never lost it. When she popped up as an applicant, he couldn't wait to see her. Including the whole making babies with other women. Baby Maker, Evan, has unprotected sex with his clients in the hopes of impregnating them.

Will you be his baby maker pdf

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After his thoughts about that couple and his wanting to screw her. But Tia weaves her stories in such a way, that you can't help but read on as you have to know what is going to happen next!

But I wasn't expect it to be so many women. Of course donating his swimmers to the event in an up and up sorta way is beneath him and he demands that these women earn that baby by being one more hole on his bedpost. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is well written and the characters were likable-to a point for me. On a whole it wasn't bad, just not my cup of tea!

That he was going to be alpha and he was going to claim her and their baby. Baby making business is like everything else in life, you own your own actions regardless of the bitter, psychopathic consequences. So the deal is that Evan is a baby maker. Trivia About The Baby Maker.

The love they share is beautiful, and the sexual attraction off the charts. Can she find someone to get her pregnant?

And that's a first for me! This is an amazing story about finding your way back to your first love. Long distance relationships? How is that sexy or appealing?

Later he says he'll be there for support and financially but not physically. Ca I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. So bad in fact, I'm going to skip her books from here on in. Every time the h and h had sex I had to just flip through those pages.

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Another outstanding book by Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you. But she's gonna make me a daddy. Just reading her application makes me hard. No communication, no reason, no apology, just heartbreak, loneliness, a love torn away.

Will you be his baby maker pdf