Why Christianity Must Change Or Die Pdf

The Jewish people in Jerusalem had their faith centered on the city, they believe that God had blessed them and was maintaining thei this was intersting. Once God is out of the picture, morality by nature becomes relativistic. She insisted I read it to find comfort. However they are the thoughts and sometimes radical beliefs of the author.

Then his beliefs on immortality are particularly undeveloped. Much of his theology and beliefs are quite controversial.

We must reformulate our concept of God. You must make your choice. In doing so, we must also reformulate the meaning of the Christ, prayer, and the church. The creed does not agree with the current world view because that view has changed in the hundreds of years since the creed was formulated. This book changed my life.

Of course this is a metanarrative theological statement that defines all God-talk for everyone. Spong also goes into heavy evidence that the virgin birth story was crafted by later gospel writers, rather than having been an accepted story from the beginning. This book may be hard to swallow for many literal or conservative Christians. He says that, at that time, Jerusalem was seen as the holy city, the only place where the three great festivals of Judaism could take place. Spong is not violently anti-Christian, he kind of slouches into his disbelief with lazy thinking and even lazier exegesis of scripture.

Parts are difficult to read and could be described as heresy or even blasphemous but ultimately it awakens the consciousness to confirm or challenge ones own beliefs. Then I had to eat crow with my family. Some form or another of pantheism has always been around.

This book makes you think, question your own beliefs and assumptions and then decide again on what you will choose as your own faith. That I could believe as I did and still call myself Christian. Even after reading it the first time, I always keep it readily available to reread a chapter or two as a refresher. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is a very deep personal description of faith, religion and belief in God. Bishop John Shelby Spong discusses how the concept of a personal God theism has become obsolete in our modern society. And I have to tip-toe in my professional life in the nomimal Christian society whe Like Crossan, this former Episcopal Bishop still considers himself Christian but doubts the fundamental creeds. Hinduism and other eastern religions.

Why Christianity Must Change or Die A Bishop Speaks to Believers In Exile

As such, then, it both advances ones spiritual understanding and indelibly enhances it. Literal and conservative Christians also may want to read this book and get ready to answer the questions that this book raises.

Spong says that the Jews had to reformulate their religion, because no longer could they say God was in the temple the temple was gone, so did that mean that God was gone? My Grandmother gave me her copy a couple years back when she came to visit me in Alabama.

In other words, I think Spong is simply bloviating about his big and tall theological search for truth. Spong has, himself, gone through this process, as this book reveals, and his reinterpretations are quite informative. The authors calls for critical thought rather than blind faith. This is a book I will definitely not recycle or pass on. But let it be clearly stated, the Gospels are not in any literal sense holy, they are not accurate, and they are not to be confused with reality.

Why christianity must change or die pdf

How does Spong hold to biological determinism, then write a book which assumes freedom of the will? The depth of life, the ground of all being, is God. This book is basically the same rehasing of Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism in terms of backward liberal apologetics. My generation has a greater emphasis on a loving God who wants us to live well and with justice to others.

Bishop Spong explains with love and devotion how one can have questions and still be a believer. We must read them today not to discover the literal truth about Jesus, but rather to be led into the Jesus experience they were seeking to convey. Christians who are searching for better answers. So, in one sense, this is just liberal theological chickens coming home to roost and it has infected other areas of theology outside of liberal Christianity as their ideas often do.

Seems to be a case of wanting one's cake and eating it, too. Any good that may have come from this book has been said more skillfully elsewhere. Spong presents a Christianity that is scientifically tenable, does not raise disturbing questions about the morality of God, and is immune to the question of why evil exists in the world. However, the book has a point.

The other part of his thesis is the belief that Theism is dead. He believes that God is not a being that can be prayed to or worshiped directly but is a force that unifies the cosmos and reflects the wonder of life. There were many times when even I became miffed at his arguments. As my wife pointed out, Spong is leading a new reformation of the church. And I have to tip-toe in my professional life in the nomimal Christian society where it is considered undesirable even by nominal Chrisitans to say you are not Christian.

Why christianity must change or die pdf

And this is the running critique of orthodox Christianity and its doctrine throughout the entire book! Liberal Christianity dies out and attempts to renew itself, net exam questions and answers pdf and liberal secularism is continually trying to evolve itself to appeal to more people. These forms aren't threat I was initially drawn to this book by Spong's use of exilic metaphor to describe the faith journey of Christians who no longer feel at home in institutional Christianity.

Here Spong fails to understand the basic difference between an argument and an assertion. He has not left that open to us. Spong details the inadequacies of Christianity and its traditions. They are human attempts to suggest that humanity alone did not have the ability to produce a life like the one being described.

But this book rang like a revelation to me. For example, when criticizing baptism, he makes a sweeping statement that baptism is salvation itself without at all mentioning that this is only the view in some denominations. This will be the last Spong book I read. Personally, I've never been part of a tradition that taught baptism as salvation. First, Spong is not for everyone.

Why christianity must change or die pdf

This change was mainly brought about by a bit of evangelical propaganda against the Mormon church, in which the writer pointed out all the difficulties with the Book of Mormon. And yet, all of these more fantastical elements of the Christian faith have, in fact, made doubters and skeptics of so many in our time. There is no ground well he thinks the ground is in our idea that God resides within all of us - which btw - is also an ancient doctrine - cf. The title points out one of the problems.

Why christianity must change or die pdf

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