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Replace bulb through the opening in the system glass. The other mirror will be eclectically swiveled to the driving position.

Dimensions Technical data Dimensions approx. Warning Incorrect tyre pressure could lead to a flat tyre. Second gear is not available. Diesel-engined vehicles have special fuel filler caps.

Automobile Vauxhall Astra Owner's Manual pages. If the vehicle is switched to manual mode while the winter programme is active, the winter programme is interrupted.

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Warning Take care when operating the convertible hardtop. Vehicle identification data The vehicle identification number may be embossed on the instrument panel. The automatic level control system is activated after approx.

Page Climate control Climate Air distribut. Page Driving and operation Footbrake Check the brake lights before starting out The footbrake comprises two independent on a journey.

The front switches are If the window glass encounters resistance Switch between the rear switches in the for the driver and front passenger doors. If the key is in the ignition, locking is only possible if all doors are closed. Fill only with clean water to prevent the nozzles from clogging. Use of systems without transponders poses a risk of fatal injury. Automatic recirculation Autom.

Page Instruments, controls Distance travelled Driven mileage display. Page Self-help, vehicle care Fusebox, version B No. Position cover on opening in wheel arch and engage.

Vehicle behind rear seats. Tyre Pressure Driving and operation Once the ignition is switched on, the system is operational and will continuously monitor the tyre pressures at speeds of approx. Warning Damage may lead to tyre blow-out. The description compartment or in front of applies to all instrument versions. On vehicles with check brake circuits.

Damping and steering become more direct and provide better contact with the road surface. When the backrest is folded forward, do not activate the handwheel for backrest adjustment. Heated Rear Window Climate control Heating takes place with the engine running and is switched off automatically after several minutes. Page Self-help, vehicle care Fuse layout, version B No.

When moved all the way forward, Turn the handle to the right and move the the roof lining engages in position. Foldable box under the floor cover used to handle plate, insert adapter in upper and insert hook in upper groove in rail and push divide the luggage compartment. Heating the footwell Window demisting and de-icing z Set air distribution switch to K.

Adjust with centre rotary switch. Page Self-help, vehicle care Place the fuse extractor on the various Only fit fuses of the specified current There is a fuse extractor in the luggage types of fuse from the top or side, and rating. Rotate left bulb holder and disengage. Stationary time is not included.

If the stalk is held forwards, the rear screen wash system is activated. If no antifreeze is available, top up with clean tap water. If a higher gear is selected below a certain speed, the transmission does not shift back. Have a workshop eliminate the cause of the power loss.

System fault in Vauxhall alarm system. In the unlikely event that you are still not We sincerely hope you will never have happy with the answer your Vauxhall cause to complain about your vehicle. Ordering keys from a Vauxhall Authorised repairer guarantees problem- free operation of the electronic immobiliser. Release luggage compartment blind from of the Astra TwinTop recesses on left and right, save as pdf ms word 2003 blind rolls up The loading aid makes it possible to automatically.

Spare wheel placed in luggage compartment The spare wheel is in the luggage compartment beneath the floor cover. Depending on the nature of the problem, only the highest If the selector lever is not in position P when gear may be available. When the cruise control is active, reaction times may be increased due to the different position of the feet. We recommend that any country-specific regulations.

Only hold new bulb at base! Insert the bulb housing in the body, bulb holder and fixing screws. Tread depth The legally permissible minimum tread Check tread depth regularly. Insert new bulb, without touching the To ensure that no power is supplied to the glass.

Insert new bulb, without touching the glass. If button is pressed again, both mirrors will be electrically retracted.

Capacities Technical data Capacities approx. The The interior ventilation can be adjusted to Cooled air is fed into the glove slats of the vent remain open although the a comfortable level by adjusting the compartment through a nozzle. Cooling switches off automatically at low outside temperatures. Not all tyres available on the market alloy wheels. Parking The Vehicle To activate the anti-theft locking selector lever is in position P.

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Page Technical data Installation dimensions of towing equipment with detachable coupling ball bar, Astra TwinTop All measurements refer to Vauxhall- approved towing equipment. If the control indicator On the Astra TwinTop, there may be illuminates for approx. Fog lights Have the bulb changed by a workshop. If damage or unusual wear is found, contact a workshop. Do not place immediately by a workshop.

Self-help, Vehicle Care Self-help, vehicle care Self-help, Warning vehicle care Disregard of these notes can lead to injuries which may be fatal. Operation with cooling air conditioning compressor is not possible when outside temperatures are low. Polishing is necessary only if the paint has Repair minor paintwork damage such as become dull or if solid deposits have stone chips, scratches etc. Vehicle passengers should be informed accordingly.

Brake light does not come on during braking. Engage bulb holder in bulb housing, ensuring that it properly engages. Engage spring wire clip, plug connector onto bulb.

Vauxhall Workshop Manuals