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Other rooms have oak wood finishing. Tall concrete structures have historically been formed with crane lifted formwork often referred to as jump forms. The spine is later fractionated into multiple smaller struts to embrace each floor of all units. With the unit in its new location, the rebar is installed from the work platform and the formwork is positioned using the carriages. The tower also established a new Swedish record for pumping concrete to a height of m.

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He abstracted the human movement into a stack of seven cubes twisting around a spinal core. The formwork is now ready for concrete placement to complete the construction cycle. Timeline of tallest buildings in Sweden. Finally, cranes pulled up the in-shop, prefabricated facade.

Six different families of windows are used, depending upon where they are situated. The energy supplying the tower, as electricity and heating come from wind power, biogas, geothermal and solar sources. Courtesy of James Silverman. Its energy efficient envelope has passed several laboratory tests concerning air and water sealing and heat insulation according to stringent Swedish standards. The sculpture is a white marble piece based on the form of a twisting human being, created by Santiago Calatrava, a trained sculptor, architect and engineer.

Turning Torso

The Turning Torso is a successful example of environmental engineering and performance-based vertical transportation. The first and second units are left to accommodate offices within square meters.

The slabs, square at the core and conical at the edge, are made of cast in-situ reinforced concrete. Kitchens are furnished by Gaggenau and Bosch including light stained oak counters and glossy white laminated cabinetries. The owner has several times unsuccessfully tried to sell the building. No open edges are created which could be a fall hazard. Today, with traffic movement and train passengers exceeding projected targets between the two cities, the area has seen a property boom.

Overview Gallery Map Videos Close. The construction costs were almost double the estimate. Tilted bathrooms contain granite surfaces and under-floor heating facilities. With no primary columns in the curtain walls, the triangular floor areas are propped only at their tip by a concrete perimeter column that gradually spirals to the ground within.

Facade The facades complex appearance was similarly the subject of thorough studies to find recurrence patterns. The tower is situated in Malmos former western docks and is part of a massive regeneration project. The climbing sequence begins by stripping the formwork from the previously cast lift using the carriages on the brackets or platform.

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Email confirmation is required. Turning Torso Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. The additional building connects the tower to the first floor. Granite is also used in some places within the building, notably in the lobby. The positively-controlled climbing device lifts the climbing rail and formwork scaffold-ing to the next casting segment safely and jerk-free. The gap exposes the core like the backbone of a human, explains Christian Brndle, Calatravas project architect.

This extreme level of reinforcement is necessary to withstand the towers forces through the core and slabs. There is diode lighting in common corridors. In order to follow the twist of the building, the windows are leaning either inwards or outwards, depending on which side of the building they are on.

The form of the tower is based on one of his sculpture, the Turning Torso, codigo gray pdf where he abstract the form of human movement into a stack of cubes positioned elegantly around a core. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Turning Torso. Exterior of the Turning Torso features a black granite reflecting pool and a granite entrance path. The Torso's exoskeleton is effectively a steel truss erected on the outside of the building with the same clockwise rotation as the tower itself.

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The climbing mechanism is switched from climbing the rails to climbing the unit. Tower floors are shaped roughly like an arrowhead.

On the western side they are leaning inwards and on the eastern, outwards. Turning Torso has an environmental agenda.

This procedure requires extensive crane time and is too slow, unsafe and unproductive for tall structures where the concrete walls are typically on the critical path. The tower's nucleus containing the internal elevators and stairs, through which the units communicate is the equivalent of the sculpture's steel support. Segments three to nine house apartments.

Each of these meeting floors has two rooms and one of the room can be divided. Served by three elevators, each residential floor accommodates one to five apartments with all wet spaces kitchen, bathroom allocated near the nucleus. Each steel section of the spine has to fit precisely in the one below it.

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The rotation of the floors results in uneven dimensions. The truss consists of aspine column at the corner of each floor plus horizontal and diagonal elements thatreach to each side of the glazed spine. Because the building twists, the faade is double curved, wich made its construction very complicated.

There is no other building like this, claims the project director. The main load-bearing structure is a circular reinforced concrete core, whose center corresponds exactly to the rotation center of the floors. The large windows and heightened ceilings permit abundant interplay of daylight and scenic pleasures. There are aproximately panels and windows in the faade.

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The apartments were initially supposed to be sold, but insufficient interest resulted in the apartments being let. Inside the core there are lift shafts and staircases. The building has a separate structure for parking, including three basements. As a direct consequence, the contractors were able to achieve an eightday cycle for standard slabs and nine days for each conical slab.

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