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Alasan inilah yang menjadikan buku ini terasa padat dengan tips dan trik-nya. Set your camera at this setting, do this, do that, and there you go. That's a great book in my opinion. This is the eBook version of the printed book. Buku ini tidak membahas pengertian diafragma, kecepatan rana, atau iso secara khusus tapi situasi dan kondisi yang harus dihadapi dalam berbagai situasi pemoteretan dan tips dan triknya.

Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby

The Digital Photography Book 2/E by Scott Kelby PDF Book Download

Hence for these people this book would have a two to three star value. The author, Scott Kelby, is a riot and very fun to read! Scott Kelby also uses a lot of not so funny humor to get his point across, which makes the book enjoyable to read.

Granted, I could not get beyond the first chapter, but I have no idea how this book has a single good review! His humor may not be to everyone's taste, but it does lighten the mood of the book, making it very readable. Jenis buku fotografi abal-abal. He should reduce humor and save reader's valuable time as well as some trees. For example, he doesn't use complicated words when explaining how to get great flower shots.

The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1) by Scott Kelby

It's full of so much useful information for amateurs like me who wish to learn more about photography. This book als This book is great.

Time to practice these tips in the field! This is a very light read and not something for someone who wants to know the ins and outs of photography.

One minor weakness in the book is that the author spends too much time attempting to be humorous and mostly fails. It's one of those books I would like to have on hand to h This guys writing will drive you nuts at the beginning because he is constantly joking. My veteran photographer friends would laugh at me if they knew I bought this book. You want to spend your time being creative and having fun, not fixing things you should have done correctly in the camera. Nice large photo at the top of each page references what is taught there.

This book is easy to understand and it give simple tips to improve your photography. Scott Kelby aka Mr Photoshop dishes out some no-nonsense and excellent tips for improving your photography skills. This is a great book or I can call it a Guide to get in photography or even to improve your photgraphing ability. It works for what it is, pdf drucker kostenlos herunterladen I picked My veteran photographer friends would laugh at me if they knew I bought this book.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Geared more for the novice who wants to take picture taking to the next level. He calms down towards the end though. Hence it may only be a three star value. Want to know how to get that effect where the subject is in focus but the background or foreground is out of focus known as depth of field or bokeh he'll tell you straight up how to do it.

Other books in the series. One of the best parts of the book is the way it is set up - each chapter covers a main idea, with each page breaking down one tip or one concept. Tentang Mengapa dan Bagaimana dalam fotografi tentu tidak mudah dijelaskan dengan singkat karena cakupannya sangat luas.

Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Maka tidak salah jika menyebut buku ini adalah buku yang pragmatis. Admittedly, Kelby's writing style was rather wordy and I found myself scanning pages at times, trying to find the tips among the chit-chat. This guys writing will drive you nuts at the beginning because he is constantly joking. If you are an intermediate photographer you have probably heard much if not most of what is in the book.

Lots of simple, well explained tips for getting better pictures without a lot of extra editing in software programs. Still, I'm glad I read it and in the future, once I'm well versed in how to set up my camera, I will probably read the other volumes.

He is an amazing read - very funny and direct. Menurut saya, predikat ini bukan sekedar bualan saja. Hence for that group it would be a four to five star value.

The Digital Photography Book (2nd ed.)

Kelby juga menjelaskan kapan sebaiknya aturan sepertiga diikuti, kapan pula harus dilanggar. Kelby ingin agar pembaca dan buku ini seperti ia dan Anda pada saat memotret bersama. Pembahasan mengenai masalah-masalah yang biasa dihadapi dalam situasi-situasi di atas disajikan dengan padat dan cukup lengkap, setidaknya bagi amatir yang ingin menjadi profesional. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He just tells you as a friend would.

The books are not for the pro photographer but for us that are coming back to photography in the digital age and anyone starting with it. If one is only a novice to digital photography this book has plenty of good advice. The Digital Photography Book.

Judul yang sangat lazim ditemui dan terkesan tidak berbeda dengan buku-buku fotografi lainnya. Meskipun hal ini agak mengurangi kemegahan foto, namun foto bagus masih tetap terasa bagus. It works for what it is, I picked up a lot of tips from the book. Are you ready for an amazing new version of The Photoshop Book that breaks all the rules?

Even if you consider yourself experienced all is relative eh? Since we had these books I figured I'd give them a once over. Awalnya saya kira buku ini tidak lebih dari terjemahan buku manual kamera yang diadaptasi. Selain itu, penyertaan contoh foto ini memudahkan pembaca dalam memahami penjelasan Kelby dan bisa memprovokasi pembaca untuk membuat foto seperti yang ia buat.

The Digital Photography Book 2/E by Scott Kelby PDF Book Download

The book contains a mix of tips between technique and gadgetry. Open Preview See a Problem? He does not waste time on technical explanations but just writes what you have to do in order to achieve a certain target.

Penjelasan ini tidak sekedar info diafragma atau kecepatan rana, namun juga saran untuk mengatasi kondisi-kondisi sulit yang mungkin dihadapi dalam pengambilan foto tersebut. It demystified some of the photography lingo. If you want to learn about exposure, shutter speed et al look elsewhere first as this book merely touches on them. Lanjut ke daftar isi, saya mendapati sub-sub judul yang cukup detail dan cukup menarik. Each book weighs in under the page mark and every page is graced with a photo which quickly gives you an idea what the subject is about, if the title doesn't give it away.