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Elastrator It is a bloodless castrator that use the ring method Fig. Livestock-related interventions during emergencies. In situ conservation of livestock and poultry.


The last two units elaborated on the health and diseases of ruminants, how to put pdf pages together and their parasites and control. Drenching Gun This is made of a long tube or rubber hose long enough to enter the mouth of ruminants. Identify any of the discussed internal parasites that affect both ruminants and human. Intensive sheep production in the Near East. Artificial rearing of calves is mostly practised in dairy cattle production while natural one is popular with beef cattle production.

The last of the compartments is the true stomach in ruminants while the rumen and reticulum perform the function of moistening the swallowed forage. The management of pregnant cow and the calf were also discussed. Symptoms of the disease include, fever, nasal discharge, laboured breathing with coughing, pneumonia and inflammation of the chest lining. They are characterised by long legs because they have to travel long distances for grazing as they are mostly owned by the nomadic Fulanis that are known for transhumance movement. After this, the placenta is expelled and buried.

Prior to this period, the cow can be giving feed in formof concentrate to enhance conception rate. Consumer preferences for poultry products in Indonesia. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. They scavenge for food around the village or town and often time left to roam the street.

Ruminant animal production pdf

If this limit is exceeded, it may result into low sperm count - ejaculates. Secteur porcin, Burkina Faso.

It could also be made of wood, mud or blocks depending on availability of fund. Some cattle have dual or even triple-purpose functions.

Describe the management practice for a pregnant ewe. The causative agent is Bacillus antharacis. The compartments are rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum.

Integrated livestock-fish production systems. Guide to good dairy farming practice.

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On getting to the lungs, they bore through the tissues of the tiny air space causing a lot of damage. Epidemiology, diagnosis and control of helminth parasites of swine. Differetiate between hay and haylage.

However, the system has the advantage of preventing disease and also overcoming time and space problem. End of Course Examination The examination concludes the assessment for this course.

Those that live inside the host are called internal parasite and those outside are referred to as external parasites. The flukes begin to lay eggs after another six weeks in the ruminant host which are again expelled along with the dungs and the cycle continues Fig. It is later packed after about two or three days drying on the field, baled using a hay baler and stored for later use especially during the dry or winter season.

Buck should be penned separately to prevent indiscriminate mating. The main consideration for housing for sheep and goat in this part of the world is to provide sufficient protection from unfavourable weather.

Friesian are good producers of milk and are mostly used for dairy purposes either as pure or cross- breeds in Nigeria and most African countries. It has black colouration with white patches on the coats.

This practice is very common with cattle. Flies are treated and controlled by spraying, dip bath, use of fly repellants like pour-on etc. The technology of traditional milk products in developing countries. Soft tick does not have the hard protective dorsal surface.

They have long thin tails. Packaging, storage and distribution of processed milk. It is polled no horn with medium thick, loose and pigmented skin having a whitish creamy colour in female while the male has dim with bluish grey shadings.

This is called a cow and calf system or single suckling system. There are many breeds of sheep found in this group of which we shall discuss some. At maturity, the female White Fulani or Bunaji cattle weighs to kg while the male or bull weighs about kg.

Over-crowding must be avoided especially overnight. Small-scale poultry processing.

They can be used for dairy, beef production and also used for draught. If poorly cared for, ram attain puberty at a prolonged age. The causative agent is excreted in the milk and with time the milk is tainted with blood and pus. It is in the rumen that fermentation of the plant materials takes place.

The cheeks form a wall at the two sides of the mouth with the tongue as the soft organ beneath, the hard palate above it and is partially separated from the pharynx. It is used for oral administration of liquid drug especially during de-worming exercise Fig. Milk and milk products marketing. Slaughterhouse cleaning and sanitation.

Ruminant animal production pdf

What are the essential conditions to be considered in the construction of a sheep house? Trypanosomiases is treated by the use of trypanocidal drug such as diminazene aceturate, and homidium chloride.

Ruminant animal production pdf