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Love is an emotion of exultation, of extreme happiness, bordering on delirium and superficial onlookers may term it as insane, as many things of the heart are so readily termed. Please read them, and then take a few seconds to let authors know what you think by rating each story you read. Pride and Prejudice Romance by Jane Austen.

Definitely, I love her since the day I met her. When Kelsey takes a dare by one of her friends her whole life changes.

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Being in traumatic life changing events isn't half of what goes on in my life. What happens when two girls fall in love, will they be discriminated and will the teacher loose her job?

Biker by Fiona Roarke Romance. Funny, sarcastic, cocky, flirty, daring. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Mr.

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Abby, who had been dreaming of her wedding for most of her life, sat at his reception single and dateless. Leesia Is This Feeling Love?

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Attractions by Joshua Edward Smith Romance. The book has been downloaded times within a month of its addition to the eBook list.

This has certainly reaped rewards for the book that has been downloaded times, until the time of writing. My hands were covering my intimate parts, pdf complete crack though that didn't hide much. Luv to read exiting love novel. Walk with the characters as they rise above their disparities and let their development unfold to what is known as a great love story. Will it end in a disaster?

Free download best romantic novels stories books in English by Indian authors and others. Find a large selection of free romance novels on Freebooks. Download these romance e-books for free with just a click of a button.

Get prepared to get drowned in the sea of romantic love stories by the famous authors around the world. You can check out our best rated romantic stories in the sidebar. These romantic novels are handpicked from different languages and translated to English with the permission for writers. Some stories of the pdf are not suitable for minors. We hope to add short romance stories of varying lengths regularly.

It was time to make his move. Alexis Ryan's lives with her brother and his ten friends. Dickens still charms a new generation of readers, as we have witnessed. Have you been searching for a place where you can read romance stories online? Pllzzz send me a cute love story on my email Id plzzz.

Pls send a nice book of your Choice. Darcy initially appears to be a good prospect but reveals himself as proud, rude and insulting. Hello i want a true in course of love storys please send me my e mail id thank you so much. Pls I want very fascinating love books to my email.

Or will she fall for his charms? Send pdf of a love story of some foreign writer, plss. Coming back to our modern times, we have Sanjeev Ranjan question the popular perceptions of the boy-girl romance in his book In Course of True Love! Lovable comic strips that still make us Giggle. Will he help break down the walls around her heart?

Pick up a romance novel and get ready to be enthralled into the lives of the love struck, heartbroken, and lustful. Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books. Yanking herself away from his touch, she frowned at him. He wiped a smudge of baby food from her cheek before pressing his lips to hers.