Production Management Pdf Notes

It is concerned with giving practical shape to the production plan. Manufacturers must have a physical location for their production and stock holding operations. The role of Production and Operations is to ensure that the business actually makes the required products in accordance with the plan. Most businesses require skilled-labor force such as engineers, management experts, computer programmers, explosieveiligheidsdocument pdf etc.

Production and operations management(POM) Complete note

Without good infrastructure facilities, it will be difficult to do business efficiently. There are generally four stages in the life of a product.

Production management pdf notes

Investor friendly attitude Plant location must be in those states whose governments have an investor-friendly attitude. Finally, it slows down when the project is near its completion phase. It can be even within the shop floor.

In addition to that, an organization needs to choose an appropriate order pattern e. On the contrary, the probabilistic models take cognizance of the fact that there is always some degree of uncertainty associated with the demand pattern and lead time of inventories.

What is Operations Management

This system does not involve diverse work, due to which routing standardized route and schedule sheets are prepared. Capacity is usually expressed as volume of output per time period. SlideShare Explore Search You. Calculate the reorder level. Each political party has its own philosophy.

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Conveyors and automatic transfer machines are used to move the materials from one stage to another. Either everyone that wants to has bought your product or new, more innovative products have been created that replace yours. Custodian of gods in stores against damage and pilferage hefting. Batch production flows This process is adopted when batches or lots of item are to be produced using the same set of machines in the same sequence. For example, in a textile mill there can be several departments like spinning, weaving, bleaching, printing, etc.

Therefore, B items are intergroup items. To maintain the efficiency of materials department B. Preparation of plan layout for the establishment of machines in the required sequence. The materials arriving here have to be retained until they are inspected, finally accepted and sent on to the respective places for storage, or directly to where they will be used. Intermittent Production System Production is performed on a start-and-stop basis, such as for the manufacture of made-to-order products.

Production management pdf notes

These four stages are the Introduction stage, the Growth stage, the Maturity stage and the Decline stage. How to budget for the cost? Generally, the resource requirement at the beginning is low. This will also increase the cost of the product. This serves a particular department of a factory.

Production management pdf notes

Good industrial relations Plant location must be at those places where good industrial- relations are maintained. The Growth stage is where your product starts to grow. Central stores also exist in multi- plant situations. By using this model, the companies can minimize the costs associated with the ordering and inventory holding.

Store management also includes distribution of material in right quantity at the right time and at the right place. Management must choose the best process, or series of processes.

Political changes can lead to changes in economic policies of the government. Government may announce some tax benefits for starting a business in rural areas. It involves determining the schedule of production, sequence of operations, economic batch quantities, and also the dispatching priorities for sequencing of jobs. Manufacturers can automate many of their production processes to reduce their labor requirements.

Operations Management Notes. Download Free PPT and PDF

This may require a change in location. Sonya Thomas Have you ever heard of taking paid surveys on the internet before? In mergers, production is mostly started at a new place as per the new-agreement. Here, the inputs and outputs are standardized along with the production process and sequence. Process production flows Here, a single product is produced and stocked in warehouses until it is demanded in the market.

This may make the existing location unattractive for doing business. To keep the details of items available in the store update. This would lead to a search for new location of plant. Availability of skilled workforce Plant location must be convenient and easily accessible to skilled workforce. An organization may have plenty of ideas for a new product, but once it has selected the best of them, the next step is to start researching the market.

This type of layout is used for batch production. Mass production flows Here, company produces different types of products on a large-scale and stock them in warehouses until they are demanded in the market.

Demand for the company's product may increase at other places, especially in abroad countries. So, the company will have to start a branch in another state or in foreign countries. Here, coordination between agencies is important because all jobs are interrelated. If the company wants to expand and diversify its activities, it will have to search for a new-location for setting up its new business unit. Physical Stores There can be various types of stores based on the quantity of stocks held or distance from the point of usage, like central stores sub-stores, transit stores, site store etc.

These are the goods after production process is complete. It is the process of determining the necessary to meet the production objectives. Goods are objects, which can be seen, felt, sensed easily. Example of such type of layout is locomotives, ships, boilers, generators, wagon building, aircraft manufacturing, etc. If an existing plant is not near a market place, it will increase the transport cost.

Production management pdf notes