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But there was something else. Die gar traurige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug Paulinchen war allein zu Haus, die Eltern waren beide aus. It is ready for me to pick up, so should be able to post review on it in a few days as well.

You can read all the stories and see the original hand-coloured woodblock prints on the Gutenberg site. Doch Minz und Maunz, die Katzen, erheben ihre Tatzen.

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Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffmann. For example, take the one about the girl playing with matches and getting burn. Open Preview See a Problem? As soon as mommy's back is turned Conrad puts his thumb in his mouth, the door flies open with the tall tailor, his great scissors in hand.

Here's a link to the original German version, free on Project Gutenberg, and here's another link to an English translation that's pretty good, if rather loose. Nicholas so they can find out what it really means to be black. Roberta Gelpi, coreografa, insegnante Feldenkrais e Bones for Life.

Here's a sample, courtesy of the Gutenberg version. If you also know the English Struwwelpeter, just try reading it aloud while looking at the pictures, and you'll see what I mean.

Der Struwwelpeter

Der Struwwelpeter

Struwwelpeter - Pierino-Porcospino - ebook digilitalizzato

Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffmann

Honestly, I wish I had known about this book sooner! Einfach ein Klassiker mit liebevollen Bildern. Just like my cat would if anything ever happened to me, I'm very sure.

They go so fast, That both his thumbs are off at last. Maybe years ahead in the future parents will be freaked out by Dr. Alas Harriet could not resist and the pussy cats could do nothing to stop her even with their hissing and meowing. Anyway, this poetry book is a classic, petroleum distillation pdf in its own weird and gruesome way.

Doesn't that still happen nowadays? Thank you, Tadiana for intro This book is wonderful in a gruesome sort of way and the illustrations are the best! All credit goes to my German-speaking mom, although I'm not sure if she shared this book with my siblings and me because she thought it was a funny book or was trying to scare us straight. But, let's face it, back then they were seriously out of date, and now they're so archaic that they aren't amusing even as kitsch.

Hoffmann studied medicine in Heidelberg. Es brennt die Hand, es brennt das Haar, es brennt das ganze Kind sogar.

So why doesn't someone produce an updated edition? And Daniel Paul Schreber's mental illness case came to mind too! But, no, I would not read this to my daughter. You could have fun with it, be dark, and it was still beautifully humorous!

But as soon his mother leaves the house, pop! Rating this translation of the classic German picture book is difficult.

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Il volume pubblicato da Longanesi nel riunisce preceduti da un'utile introduzione il libro originale e un suo seguito - a firma di diverso autore - in cui Pierino si ravvede. He kept there lying stiff and still but no one cared of him until a pig appeared and snacked him quick and only left behind his wig. There is more than one Heinrich Hoffman.

Konrad's thumb goes right back into his mouth. Mamma and Nurse had to leave Harriet alone with the pussy cats. Some of these have mild punishments for misbehaving, while others are down right horrific. There's a story about a guy hunting rabbits where a hare grabs the gun while he's asleep and turns it on him. According to recent research there was an additional story meant for publication, but was somehow missing from the final book.

His wordbook he liked to deface and blacked out honesty and grace. First of all, the stories ain't all that terrible and shouldn't be taken so literally. And kept on crying through the night his face turned red then blue then white. Kitsch it might be, but these morality tales are still funny, and the brightly coloured pictures are great. In Feuer steht das ganze Kind!