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The further to the right it is positioned, the more air is blown into the passenger compart- ment. Check that nothing is preventing the catch from locking gravel, cloth, etc. Check the seatbacks are correctly locked in position.

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Free the blades before using the wipers. For vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, switch off the system when it is not required. The filling will stop as soon as you re- lease the button. Indicator you choose, known as the limit speed. Contact an approved dealer.

To raise the headrest To refit the headrest Pull the headrest upwards. This switch activates all four direction indicators and the side indicator lights simultaneously. Faulty electrical circuit.

Consult an approved dealer. The luggage should be loaded in such a way that no items will be thrown for- ward and strike the occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly. If you always fit genuine replacement parts to your vehicle, you will ensure that it performs well.

Pdf dacia

Using the climate control increases the speed of demisting. It is therefore important when handling the remote control to ensure that you do not lock or unlock the ve- hicle by inadvertently pressing the but- Replacement and additional keys tons. The coolant Engine cooling fan not working. The further towards the red the slide is, the higher the tempera- ture will be.

In all cases, comply with local leg- islation. Connect accessories with a maximum power of Watts only.

For safety reasons you should always contact an approved dealer as soon as possible. Locking and unlocking the doors.

With the engine switched off, or if there is a system fault, it is still possible to turn the steering wheel. However, the function does not take the place of the driver. Always switch on the lights when driving at night. The bulbs are under pres- sure and can break when replaced.

This is located in the luggage compart- Vehicles fitted with an emergency spare wheel which is different to ment. Oil change capacity Please refer to the maintenance docu- ment for your vehicle, or contact an au- thorised dealer. The presence and location of the infor- mation depends on the vehicle.

These may be fitted to the front seats on the driver and passenger side loca- If a severe frontal impact occurs, the tion A. Check tyre pressure This indicates that at least one wheel is punctured or severely underinflated. Enjoy driving your new vehicle. The indi- on the position of the selector. Adjusting the ventilation fan speed.


Pdf dacia

The warning light built into the switch remains lit constantly. An emergency spare wheel or tyre in- flation kit refer to the information on the following pages. Unclip the bulb from its connector. When the bulb has been changed, make sure you refit cover A correctly.

Pdf dacia

It should always be done after checking the tyre pressure of all four tyres when cold. Engine identification plate. Do not use these for getting into or out of the vehicle.

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If you an- ticipate an obstacle or bend in ad- vance, you may then simply release the accelerator pedal. The red warning light on the instrument panel will come on if you are driving with an incorrectly released handbrake. This acts on To do this, press the accelerator pedal certain consumption components, such firmly and fully. You must also position and then have each occu- comply with the legislation of the par- pant adjust their seat belt to ensure ticular country you are in.

The seat belt should be worn so that it is as close as possible to your body, i. Always respect the safety instructions given at filling stations.

Starting, Stopping the engine. Please consult an authorised dealer. Faulty electrical controls. It will spring back with a click when it is ready. When the stalk is released, it returns to the rear wipe position.

Dacia Duster Driver s Handbook Manual

The tyre or following a fast journey. Consult an authorised dealer.

Pdf dacia

An indi- cator light on the instrument panel then lights up. Depending on the vehicle, savita bhabhi hindi pdf read online free a storage compartment may be fitted in the rear armrest. Snow chains must be fitted to the front wheels.

It is therefore recommended to Do not degrease or clean mechani- Wash your car frequently, with the maintain the exterior of the vehicle reg- cal components e. Identical for all manufactur- ers, this enables vehicles to be com- pared with one another. The fog lights only light up if the exterior lights have been switched on. Resetting the trip mileage To reset the trip mileage recorder, the display must show the Trip mileometer function.

Driving This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year. It is therefore recommended to e. Consult an approved Dealer. However, because of their reduced accessibility, we advise you to have your fuses replaced by an approved dealer.

However, we recommend that by its base. This is not necessarily a fault.