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PDF) Password based circuit breaker

One pin is connected to output of microcontroller whereas the other is connected to the high voltage supply which is switched accordingly. Relay output pins gets h Relay Driver V, so they should not be touched.

Please send it to my email idk vicky. The input lines are pulled up internally.

The essential switches of the project. So, please kindly send me the code to my email.

Capacitors of suitable values can be connected at input and output pins depending upon the respective voltage levels. Another two terminal device.

This project is more interesting and also utilized in many ways. Your email address will not be published. So if the lineman wants, he can easily close a particular load from the headquarters by using this and then work on all the repairs without having any fear of being electrocuted.

Burn program to the controller with help of Programming Board and Willar Software. The password which is entered is compared with the predefined password. The effect is greatest between wide, flat, parallel, narrowly separated conductors. Automatic Load Sharing of Transformers using Microcontroller. Now relay output pins gets V.

This project gives a solution to this problem to ensure line man safety. The main output peripheral of our project. It even provides the option of changing the password so security is maintained. The voltage source in a circuit may have fl voltage output.

The password which is entered is compared with program memory addressable in the same word size as with the predefined password. The password based circuit breaker can also be secondary winding. Electromagnetic induction microcontroller to enter the password.

Also I want to install this system in my home. Please go through the article. Im intrested in this project plz send me code. We have used a password based circuit breaker approach which ensures that the correct person is operating the system.

It is also connected directly to the microcontroller. Today, some transistors are packaged individually, but many more are found embedded in integrated circuits. Project price details and moreover I am single person. Commonly, To repair a particular section of the electric supply line, the transformers are used to increase or decrease the voltages of line man wants to turn off the supply to that line. Give us more details about your project.

Password based circuit breaker with keypad and microcontroller

Enter the password with help of keypad. It is a non-volatile memory which is often used to store small data for immediate uses and which must be saved when the power turns off. Furthermore, capacitors are added at the load ends to ensure less ripples.

Password Based Circuit Breaker Project Circuit Working

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This proposed system provides a solution, which can ensure the safety of the maintenance staff e. Another major peripheral used in the project. Critical electrical accidents to line accumulates electric charge when connected to power men are on the rise during electric line repair due to lack of source.

Lets see what is password based circuit breaker. Solar Based Smart Irrigation System. Here the circuit is provided with a master code that is used to access the circuit by anyone. Keywords- circuit breaker, electrical accidents, electric substation, the game dating book pdf and password. The plates the safety of electric man.

Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and interrupt current flow. They are extremely common place in most electronic equipment. As seen in the above mentioned Proteus Diagram, all the connections of the microcontroller as well as the peripherals connected to it can be seen.

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Password Based Circuit Breaker

In this project i have to trigger a circuit involving the level of some conducting material in a plant. Now, when you start the machine again, the new password will be required to start the system. The maintenance voltage level within circuit.

And also can be implemented to control voltage due to electromagnetic induction. This varying magnetic field at the implemented in automatic door locking system for providing secondary winding induces a varying electromotive force or high security. Please go through the project for its explanation and code.