Motorcycle Trip Checklist Pdf

Some components may gradually slide out of spec, and cause smaller problems that the rider may not notice because they happen so gradually. This computer gives you your current, max and average speed along with total distance.

Motorcycle Camping

You might want to go ultra light or the complete opposite and try to squeeze your whole house into panniers. Packing an appropriate change of clothes is essential.

But if you find it after riding home on Friday night, you can get it repaired on Saturday. Finger Nail Brush - Actually a small stiff brush for scrubbing potatoes or your boots.

Motorcycle Trip Checklist

You should do this every time you load your bike up. Spare fuel filter for K models only. The best timw to inspect your bike is right after a ride, since it will give you time to make repairs. Get accustomed to longer periods on a bike by taking practice rides beforehand to help you acclimate to long-distance riding.

Motorcycle Trip ChecklistThe Pre-Ride Motorcycle Inspection

But for motorcyclists, road tripping is not as simple as gassing up the car and heading off to your destination. Fae is aChecklister at blood! Before any ride, you should go over a pre-ride checklist to ensure that your bike is not only safe to ride, but also legal. This motorcycle camping checklist should serve as rough outline for the beginner and seasoned veteran alike. Brake fluid, oil, final drive, transmission, coolant, fuel.

Polartec or similar fabric vest, jacket, pants excellent under a riding suit. This will ensure no slippery lubricant oversprays on to the tyre.

Motorcycle Trip Checklist

Leave the chain lock at home. At the other end of the spectrum.

This will allow the oils to stay viscous and soak into the chain rather than coagulating in globs only to fling off when you next ride. Rest your back, stretch your legs and drink water to keep your reaction times sharper. Also check for any foreign objects. These durable, waterproof panniers sit on the rear rack of our bikes. Use all you senses to check your bike.

Motorcycle Camping

Put the bike on its centre stand or tip it as close to straight as possible. For those detailed thinkers like me, you can turn the whole packing effort into a full no-brainer by indicating on your list, where everything goes with a code next to each item.

And then it rained for three straight days! Feel or measure for proper adjustment. As always, pick based on your conditions.

Pre-ride checklist for your motorbike

It allows to see how close cars are coming up behind you and decide if you should move off the road. Several sets of earplugs for less fatigue. Check out our post about how to choose a sleeping bag for what to consider before buying yours. Check your chain and if necessary give it a good clean and lubrication. Next, check the electrics.

Then I had to stop in Marquette, Michigan to buy a full set of thermal underwear. And then I keep all my toiletries in a dopp kit placed in the bottom of the tankbag. If there is a ridge, they are wearing out. Thought-provoking analysis.

Keep warm with a heated riding suit For those who enjoy a winter motorcycle ride, ch03 pdf a heated riding suit can help you stay warm and toasty on the road. It is therefore prudent to pay attention to the mechanics of your motorcycle. This helps to ensure that the motorcycle will be ready for your next ride because it gives time to correct any discrepancies you find. They also have a grippy Vibram sole which is great for short day hike side trips. Before any trip always make sure you have enough gas.

Camping Gear Tent - as small and light as possible. The rider may not notice the small, steady change, but the growing play causes a small deterioration in throttle-control precision.