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Replace the lens cap when the lens is not in use. The smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field. Camera images can be displayed on a television.

Press the central button of the controller to begin printing, or press the menu button to return to the PictBridge screen. It fires a few short bursts to provide light for the camera to focus. The Organizer window allows you to sort images quickly into four user-defined classifications. Focus lock is available p.

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The and direct manual focus is set with the function button p. Attaching The Eyepiece Cap These accessories are mounted on the viewfinder frame as described above. Camera shake is display among full, basic, toyota yaris 2004 manual pdf and off. The printer-setup option uses the size set with the printer.

When making a continuous-advance bracket, if the shutter button is release before the bracket is completed, the bracket resets. Pressing the central button of the controller enters a setting. In recording mode, press the menu button to open and close the menu. Never touch the inside of the camera, especially the lens contacts and mirror. Slide the accessory-shoe cap off as shown.

Image information Detailed information on how and when the image was recorded as well as file specifications can be viewed. Single-frame shutter-release button.


Image-processing tools Color, contrast, saturation, and sharpness can be optimized to bring out the best in your images. Never disconnect the camera when the access lamp is lit - the data or memory card may permanently be damaged. If multiple date-format folders are created, only the last folder can be used for storing images. Misuse or abuse of the lithium-ion battery can cause damage or injury through fire, electric shock, or chemical leakage.

Konica minolta digital camera instruction manual pages. The paper of this manual you Photography can be a rewarding pursuit. Manual exposure is set with the exposure-mode dial p.

Konica Minolta DYNAX 5D Manuals and User Guides Digital Camera Manuals

Read the sections pertaining to your interest and need. Manual Exposure - M Manual exposure mode allows individual selection of shutter speeds and apertures. Specifications are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Use this exposure mode when wanting fully-automatic exposure control.

Attach the strap so the tip comes between the strap and the camera. As the bracket is made, the index marks disappear from the Ev scale to show the remaining frames. The modes are selected with the function button p.

If the menu section memory function is on, when the menu button is pressed, the last menu section that was last displayed is opened. Brightness is controlled in eleven levels. The photographer selects the aperture and the camera sets the appropriate shutter speed to ensure correct exposure. Auto white balance - white balance is set automatically.

The information Wide focus frame displayed varies with the functions set. The plug should be firmly attached. In playback mode, press the menu button to open and close the menu. When using program shift p. This camera operates on a powerful lithium-ion battery.

Bulb exposures can be made, see below. Highlight the current size setting in the menu and press the central button of the controller to open the paper-size screen. Always confirm the access lamp is out before removing the memory card. The four-way keys of the controller move the cursor in the menu.

The active white-balance mode is displayed in the position, press the white-balance button to open the white-balance panel on the monitor. Page Turn the camera off and on.

Open the battery-chamber door by sliding the battery-chamber release toward the back of the camera. The printer-setup option uses the PictBridge menu. Image size affects the number of pixels in each image. To copy images, simply drag and drop the file icon into a location in the computer.

For more on more pronounced at long focal lengths than short ones. White-balance Bracketing Notes Compose the picture as described in the basic recording section p. Single, multiple, or all images in a folder can be deleted with the playback menu. The indicator changes from white to red when battery power is low.

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Konica Minolta 5D Digital Camera User Manual

The color mode is set with the function button p. Data could be lost or damaged if the camera is not properly disconnected. Natural Plus - increases contrast and acutance. Highlight the current language and press the center of the controller to open the language setup screen.

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U. Konica minolta digital camera instruction manual dimage a pages.

Focusing time can be within the focus range of the lens. Depending on the region, the menu language may also have to be set. When the camera is plugged into the computer, the operating system will detect the new device and the add-new-hardware-wizard window opens. The use of a tripod, remote cord, and eyepiece cap p. Please refer to the information of your local community or contact our dealers regarding the proper handling of end-of-life electric and electronic equipment.

If the shutter-release Use spot metering area. Press the enlarge button to activate enlarged playback. Changes are displayed on the monitor.