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Trabecular meshwork cellularity in primary open-angle glaucoma and nonglaucomatous normals. Potential role for Ginkgo biloba extract in the treatment of glaucoma. Oxidative stress markers in aqueous humor of glaucoma patients.

However, data supporting their potential effectiveness in glaucoma treatment in human are not yet available. Reproduced with permission from Quaranta et al. These are normally not acute inflammations, but rather low-grade inflammations affecting certain cells, like for e. Nuclear transport, oxidative stress, and neurodegeneration.

Ocular oxidants and antioxidant protection. Ocular hypertension in radiologists and radiology technicians. There are different aspects to the pathomechanisms in both conditions. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.

On average, blood flow is reduced in glaucoma patients in various tissues of the eye. To determine the effect of Ginkgo extract on coagulation parameters, Kohler et al. Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on preexisting visual field damage in normal tension glaucoma.

Ginkgo improves ocular blood flow. Rheological alterations occur in several clinical conditions.

Color Doppler imaging was used to measure ocular blood flow before and after treatment. In most cases, other bleeding risk factors such as intake of other medications, old age, liver cirrhosis or recent surgery were also present.

Mitochondrial abnormalities in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. One such disease is glaucoma.

Glaucoma pdf 2012

Glutathione in calf trabecular meshwork and its relation to aqueous humor outflow facility. The antivasospastic property of Ginkgo biloba has clearly been demonstrated by Bayar et al.

Surviving retinal ganglion cells distribution in the retina in a rat model of chronic glaucoma. Hydrogen peroxide and human cataract.

Glaucoma pdf 2012

In the retina, the astrocytes get activated. However, these conditions are exactly the ones in which microcirculation and oxidative stress are of particular relevance and therefore potentially treatable with Ginkgo.

Double blind controlled long-term studies are needed to definitively evaluate the value of a glaucomatous drug. Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis.

In the retina the astrocytes get activated. Comparisons were made between treated and untreated groups. Glaucoma is a chronic progressive disease, in which the damage develops over decades. Mitochondrial dysfunction and glaucoma. Oxidative stress and diabetic complications.

Glaucoma pdf 2012

Ginkgo biloba extract increases ocular blood flow velocity. By extrapolating the data obtained in the brain, it can be assumed that ginkgo has also a beneficial effect in optic disc hemorrhages. Aspirin Protects Dopaminergic neurons against lipopolysaccharide-induced neurotoxicity in primary midbrain cultures. Role of haemorheological factors in patients with retinal vein occlusion.

Findings from a randomized controlled trial. Stabilization of the mitochondria The mitochondria play a major role in several diseases, particularly neurodegenerative diseases, including glaucoma. The mitochondria play a major role in several diseases, particularly neurodegenerative diseases, including glaucoma. According to the authors, this finding also applies for an elderly patient population undergoing treatment with Ginkgo biloba. Clinical data Glaucoma is a chronic progressive disease, in which the damage develops over decades.

Another placebo-controlled study evaluated the effects of Ginkgo biloba on homeostasis, coagulation and fibrinolysis when Gingko biloba extract were administered for two weeks. The authors consider antioxidative treatment meaningful in glaucoma even though the clinical evidence is sparse. The impact of ocular blood flow in glaucoma. This finding is of great interest, as endothelin is increased in glaucoma patients, particularly in patients with normal tension glaucoma. Normal-tension glaucoma, is characterized by progressive optic nerve damage and visual field loss with a statistically normal intraocular pressure.

Glaucoma pdf 2012Glaucoma pdf 2012

The studies selected for this meta-analysis were administrating Ginkgo extract treatment up to six months. In their study, Varga et al. Many compounds, la traduction automatique pdf such as e.

Influence of nifedipine on the visual fields of patients with optic-nerve-head diseases. Ginkgo would probably be beneficial for all glaucoma patients. Birks and Grimley cited in their meta-analysis that there were no differences between Ginkgo biloba and placebo in the proportion of participants experiencing any adverse event. This vasoconstriction increases the risk for venous occlusion and weakens the blood-brain barrier, which in extreme situations results in splinter hemorrhages. Ginkgo extract has an antithrombotic effect.

Glaucoma pdf 2012


Introduction Gingko biloba has existed for over million years and is indigenous to Korea, Japan, and China, but can be found worldwide. Open in a separate window. Efficacy, safety, and use of ginkgo biloba in clinical and preclinical applications.

Therefore, the conclusions are based on extrapolation of other studies. The single components of Ginkgo extract showed a protective effect in both cell models of the mitochondrial membrane potential as well. Optic disc hemorrhages are associated with a higher risk for progression. Optic disc hemorrhages often occur in glaucoma patients and are associated with reduced prognosis. Besides, in a placebo-controlled, double-blind study, treatment with Ginkgo biloba has induced some reversibility of visual field damage in patient with normal tension glaucoma.

Most pharmacological, toxicological and clinical studies have focused on the neuroprotective value of these two main extracts. There are several published case reports linking Ginkgo to episodes of minor to severe bleeding.