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Questo parametro nasce da un confronto che viene effettuato con le variazioni luminose di un corpo nero riscaldato. The minimum level set by the Health and Safety Executive for any permanently occupied area is lux.


The task reference surface can be horizontal, vertical or inclined. Guidelines for Grounding and Bonding Telecom Systems. Optimal office lighting promotes health, boosts motivation, creates atmosphere, saves energy and cuts maintenance costs. Where light distribution is uniform e. Other sector-specific references to lighting are found in statutory accident insurers publications.

Task areas where maintained illuminance lx is required should be provided with work surface lighting. The page booklet reports on the current state of research and presents practical examples showing how dynamic lighting can be realised. Where the tasks are mainly screen based, such as data retrieval or telephone sales, then illuminances at the lower end of this range should be used. Arithmetic means and uniformities are then established taking only the calculation points within the restricting polygons of the reference surface. They can be grouped to form an area of the work station, which generally encompasses a horizontal surface see also Fig.

This improves the luminance ratio in the space, increasing visual comfort and performance. In the case of boards, uniformity should be observed at writing height. When limits are quantified, the figures are normally rounded.

The task area is defined as the area in which the visual task is carried out. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Basic lighting requirements relating to the health and safety of people at work are regulated in Germany by the workplace ordinance Arbeitsstttenverordnung ArbStttV. For ribbon-like reference surfaces, which normally result from the surrounding areas evaluated, the dimension of the ribbon at its widest point should be taken as the basis for determining grid size.

DIN EN 12464-1 Beleuchtung von Arbeitsst tten in Innenr umen

If that is the case, the marginal strip may not always be ignored at the point s in question see also Fig. Illuminance in the surrounding areas must be no less than a third of the illuminance in the immediate vicinity of the task area. This is unless task areas are located within the strip or extend into it. Where there are visually more onerous tasks, such as proof reading or technical drawing, even higher levels should be considered. For non-rectangular reference surfaces, decline and fall of the roman empire pdf i.

In many cases, the actual size of furniture is unknown at the time of planning. Indoor work places A sample is shown below. To avoid gloom, raise adaptation levels and enhance visual comfort, room surfaces should be bright, especially walls and ceilings. In places where good visual communication is crucial, e. The work station is made up of work space, movement space and all ancillary space used for work-related tasks see Fig.

The following charts show how the individual parameters impact on maintenance factors, maintenance intervals and observance of maintained illuminance in relation to overall costs. We need your help to maintenance this website.

The Indoor Lighting Standard SFS-EN 12464-1 2011Extracts from CIBSE Code for Lighting Part 2 (2002)

More From carlosmandopinto. For the sake of simplicity, this Guide generally refers only to the work station area. Because they can be set up at any angle in any direction, disturbing reflections can be avoided by adjusting the position of the screen. Abbagliamento diretto e indiretto. The page booklet explains how optimal lighting can enhance motivation and performance in a learning situation.

Area Kitchen Restaurant, dining room, function room. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. In very large rooms where work stations are occasionally or regularly not manned e. Accordingly, maintenance of the lighting installation needs to be guaranteed.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. It needs to be remembered that some visual tasks may extend over large areas. Thank you for your understanding. Ofces Offices can accommodate one or more work stations in known or unknown arrangements. The maintenance cycles assumed are realistic.

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Popular in Electric Light. Find Similar Items This product falls into b following categories. However, if the surface extending into the marginal strip is work space e. Cylindrical illuminance especially affects visual communication and the ability to interpret faces, events and objects. Vertical illuminance in the interior space Mean vertical illuminance needs to be appropriate for the visual task and work performed.

The criteria colour rendering and colour appearance are not covered in more detail. Fornito da Crea il tuo sito web unico con modelli personalizzabili.

Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Eclairage des lieux de travail. Visual tasks may also be vertical or inclined. Si noti che le descrizioni calda, fredda, etc. If illuminance is kept constant at a level just above the planned value, energy savings can be made.

By browsing, you agree that cookies are used. Manola Alejandra Modragon Salazar. When selecting suitable luminaires, care must be taken to ensure that only tables with the same spacing-to-height ratio and the same lamp luminous flux are compared. Arithmetic means and uniformities are again determined taking only the calculation points within the ribbon. The overall appearance of a space improves when its structural features, along with people and objects in the room, are illuminated such that the shape and texture appear clear and pleasant.

Maintenance factors and conditions Where one or more of the following potentially inter-impacting conditions applies, maintenance factors can generally be increased. In addition to task lighting, lighting is required to illuminate the space occupied by persons. This is achieved by appropriate luminaire geometry and the right choice of beam characteristics.

The lighting information contained in all of these booklets is of a general nature. Lighting that is too directional may give rise to sharp, harsh shadows.

Classroom with exible arrangement of desks Students desks are often rearranged in a classroom, so lighting needs to cater for tasks performed anywhere in the room. High-bay reflector luminaires, for example, are visible to the observer at small solid angles here because of their high mounting height. Overview Product Details What is this standard about? Illuminamento delle pareti e del soffitto.

Many lamps have a long life. For visual comfort, the direction of light, in relation to the shape and location of an object, must be such that it does not give rise to discomfort or disability glare.

Where direct rating is performed using the formula, even minor changes in the observer's position e. Where planning documents show work stations close to windows, a correspondingly wide strip can be taken as the work station area. Glare which causes direct impairment of vision is known as disability glare. To ensure that enough light is available for all the workplaces in the bay, however, it is advisable to install a general lighting system that caters for the entire room.