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After reading the full article, tears rolled down my eyes. The epicenter of the quake was in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Over the centuries they have been responsible for millions of deaths and an incalculable amount of damage to property. The outermost layer of the Earth lithosphere is made up of several large tectonic plates.

They can start up fires and cause floods and landslides. This is defined as the number of times an area is vulnerable to earthquakes. Many were injured and the official death toll stood at but there were many more deaths than that. Vibrations spread out from the hypocentre, like ripples in a pool of water.

The nature of earthquakes

The nature of earthquakes

This is feature allows you to search the site. The extent of the damage depends on the strength of the vibrations or the energy associated with them. Koynanagar is the most seismically active area in the country. There was a problem with your submission. And when they recede, they take with them everything that they have touched.

The waves are usually not very high in the deep sea, where they originate. Most faults occur along the boundaries of the tectonic plates and these are the zones where earthquakes occur. The rubber band stretches and breaks, unless you let the other end go. What are the most earthquake prone places in India? Shallow earthquakes are the most dangerous, with the next being intermediate earthquakes, and then deep ones.

The Indian Army helped in a big way by clearing the debris and distributing relief material and maintaining medical camps in Pakistan as well as in India. Fifteen years down the line, the situation has improved, but scars remain.

Contact our editors with your feedback. Generally, the areas having trap rock or basaltic rock are prone to earthquakes. If the soil is loose and damp, the damage is greater than if it is hard and firm. Muzaffarabad, Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. Earthquakes associated with this type of energy release are called tectonic earthquakes. Over millions of years, the movements of the tectonic plates have created mountains and valleys on the surface of the earth. Thank you for your blogs on interesting topics.

Top 10 Worst Earthquakes of India

This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. Leaders all over the country were hoisting the tricolor flag. Its severity could be understood by the fact that even neighboring countries like China, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan felt tremors. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. They should avoid placing breakable and heavy objects on high shelves.

The collapse of buildings is usually the cause of death and injuries, though floods and fires caused by earthquakes have also been known to cause great human suffering. Try to squash an empty matchbox sideways. Help us improve this article! They may also slide under each other or move apart. Good and informative but still better could be done.

While the death toll in India was less, the Pakistani side suffered a huge loss of life and property. This is the real story of the Gujarat earthquake. Another one which happened on a national day of India - on the Independence day. The build-up of pressure due to the storage of a large amount of water in the reservoirs behind large dams is considered to be a potential cause of earthquakes.

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Causes of earthquakes

Causes of earthquakes

At its heart is a core of iron, consisting of a solid sphere surrounded by a layer of hot, molten iron. Start Your Free Trial Today. This article was most recently revised and updated by John P. Bearings can be of different types.

What are the most powerful earthquakes of India? One of the most fatal natural disaster that Maharashtra has ever faced. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Earthquakes have different properties depending on the type of fault slip that causes them as shown in the figure. Earthquakes below the sea can cause tsunamis.

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The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes. Of these, approximately are of sufficient size to produce substantial damage if their centres are near areas of habitation.

Instead, each zone factor represents the effective period peak ground accelerations that may be generated during the maximum considered earthquake ground motion in that zone. This earthquake affected India, Tibet, 1z0 532 pdf and Burma.

Earthquake Belt

The lower wall of an inclined fault is called the footwall. The most terrifying thing about earthquakes is that they occur without warning. The only problem is that a building is fixed to the ground. Seismographs across the world are constantly noting the vibrations of the crust.

Top 10 Worst Earthquakes of India

This has long been apparent from early catalogs of felt earthquakes and is even more readily discernible in modern seismicity maps, which show instrumentally determined epicentres. Island arcs, mountain chains, volcanism, deep ocean troughs, and oceanic ridges are often features of seismic belts. The edges where these plates move against one another are the location of interplate earthquakes that produce the seismic belts. Another one of the deadliest quakes that India faced took place in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh.