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Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund. Asian countries account for the bulk of such funds. Qatar Investment Authority. Oregon Department of State Lands. Social and Economic Stabilization Fund.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Governments may be able to spend the money immediately, but risk causing the economy to overheat, e. Central bank interest rate Commercial bank prime lending rate. Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund. Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority.

Libyan Investment Authority. Optimum Balanced budget Economic growth Price stability. In such circumstances, saving the money to spend during a period of low inflation is often desirable. Many sovereign funds are directly investing in institutional real estate.

Sovereign wealth fund

These firms needed a cash infusion due to losses resulting from mismanagement and the subprime mortgage crisis. Palestine Investment Fund. Sovereign wealth funds invest globally. One such fund is the Government Pension Fund of Norway.

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Balanced budget Economic growth Price stability. Reform Fiscal adjustment Monetary reform. History of private equity and venture capital Early history of private equity Private equity in the s Private equity in the s Private equity in the s.

National Social Security Fund. National Fund for Hydrocarbon Reserves. Texas Education Agency Website. The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Norway, and Russia all have funds devoted to investing in oil and natural gas exports.

Additional primitives like rectangles, ellipses, and even text can be built from these. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, libro partituras piano pdf the Kuwait Investment Authority during the Gulf War managed excess reserves above the level needed for currency reserves although many central banks do that now. Public Investment Corporation. Vector graphics markup languages and file formats.

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Moreover, it is widely believed most have diversified hugely into assets other than short-term, highly liquid monetary ones, though almost no data is publicly available to back up this assertion. Permanent University Fund. Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund. Kuwait Investment Authority.

The Korea Investment Corporation has since been similarly managed. Some of these funds could in future be channelled towards funding development of infrastructure for which there is global demand.

Private equity and venture capital investors Private equity firms Venture capital firms Angel investors Portfolio companies. Tax rates Tax revenue Wage average median minimum. Government Pension Fund - Norway. Russian National Wealth Fund.

Non-tax revenue Tax revenue Discretionary spending Mandatory spending. Forex reserves Forex reserves ex.

Mubadala Investment Company. There have been attempts to distinguish funds held by sovereign entities from foreign-exchange reserves held by central banks. Angel investor Business incubator Post-money valuation Pre-money valuation Seed money Startup company Venture capital financing Venture debt Venture round. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Other countries with investment funds are as varied as China, Singapore, Chile, and the Pacific island nation of Kiribati.

Korea Investment Corporation. Fiscal adjustment Monetary reform. Fondo Mexicano del Petroleo para la Estabilizacion y el Desarrollo. Timor-Leste Petroleum Fund.

Investment Corporation of Dubai. Sovereign wealth funds invest in all types of companies and assets, including startups like Xiaomi and renewable energy companies like Bloom Energy. There were a number of transparency indices springing out before the Santiago Principles, some more stringent than others.

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State Capital Investment Corporation. The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and Temasek Holdings are partially the expression of a desire to bolster Singapore's standing as an international financial centre. Abu Dhabi Investment Council. Many central banks in recent years possess reserves massively in excess of needs for liquidity or foreign exchange management.