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Pass a Second class medical exam. Recovery from Unusual Attitude D. The examiner will outline a scenario requiring a landing at an unfamiliar aerodrome or landing surface.

To react promptly and correctly to actual or simulated emergencies and system or equipment malfunctions by carrying out vital action checks by memory and following up with the appropriate checklist. Documents and Airworthiness Ground Item B.

Description The candidate will determine the validity of all documents required on board the aeroplane and determine that required maintenance certifications have been completed. The failure of any ground item requires a complete re-test and precludes the air portion of the flight test. Book Updates Looking for the most up to date information?

In order to succeed with a complaint, the applicant will have to satisfy Transport Canada that the test was not properly conducted. All of the flight test items described in this guide must be completed. Description The candidate will use the correct entry technique and hold full pro-spin control input until the command to recover. Description The candidate will be required to fly the aeroplane solely by reference to flight instruments. All required equipment and documents will be located and safely stowed.

West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. The examiner will take control and fly the aeroplane into an unusual attitude, either nose-up or nose-down, then transfer control to the candidate and call for recovery. Safety margins are maintained through effective use of aircraft systems and mandated operational protocols. The moving of the mixture control to idle cut-off will only be used where specifically recommended by the manufacturer. To safely execute a gliding approach from circuit height, without power, and land safely on a specified touchdown point with a degree of accuracy.

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What are the aeronautical experience requirements for a Commercial certificate? What are the eligibility requirements for a Commercial Pilot? The commercial single license will enable you to work without any restrictions in any airline or with any operator utilizing single-engine airplanes. Liability Insurance Pilot examiners will not accept a verbal statement from candidates indicating liability insurance coverage has been arranged. Hold at least a private pilot certificate.

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Situational awareness is indicated by continuous anticipation and vigilance. Mere dissatisfaction with the flight test result is not enough. Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor, certifying that the person is prepared for the required knowledge test.

Flight Test Guide - Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane - TP 13462Practical Test Standards Commercial & CFI - Helicopter

Description The candidate will be expected to demonstrate practical knowledge of the operation of systems installed in the aeroplane being used for the flight test. Pass a knowledge exam Pass a Practical flight and oral exam. The candidate will be expected to demonstrate practical knowledge of the operation of systems installed in the aeroplane being used for the flight test. Throughout the flight test, decline and fall of the roman empire pdf the candidate is evaluated on the use of an appropriate checklist.

You can do the checkride in two planes. Description The examiner will take control and fly the aeroplane into an unusual attitude, either nose-up or nose-down, then transfer control to the candidate and call for recovery. Description For the purpose of this exercise, the examiner will specify simulated conditions such as surface conditions, obstacles and available runway length.

Situational awareness appears compromised as cues are missed or attended to late or the candidate takes more time than ideal to incorporate cues or changes into the operational plan. Do you already have an account?

Provided that traffic and other conditions permit, the candidate will taxi along taxiway centrelines, where they exist. Consideration will be given to unavoidable deviations from the published criteria due to weather, traffic or other situations beyond the reasonable control of the candidate.

Diversion to an Alternate Aim To safely carry out a diversion to a suitable alternate destination using mental in-flight planning, dead reckoning and map reading. The candidate must be able to explain the necessity for any variation from recommended speeds, e. Who will do what in the event of an actual emergency? Description The examiner will specify which radio aid to be used for this item.

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Assessment may be carried out during any portion of the flight test. To recognize indications of the approach to a stall, intentionally enter a full stall and safely execute a positive recovery to normal flight. Aeroplane Performance Ground Item C.

Full Panel Aim To safely control and manoeuvre the aeroplane by reference to a full panel of flight instruments or a primary flight displays. The candidate should be able to explain what appropriate action would be taken if an unsatisfactory item were detected or described by the examiner during the pre-flight inspection. Ground items are not eligible for a partial flight test. Use of these systems will be evaluated both on the ground and in the air.

The candidate will carry out a diversion towards the selected destination. Technical skills indicate an adequate knowledge of procedures, aircraft systems, limitations and performance characteristics to successfully complete the task. The candidate is expected to complete any applicable vital actions by memory and follow up by consulting the appropriate emergency checklist. Intentional spins will only be conducted with aeroplanes that are certified for and loaded in accordance with the requirements for the utility or aerobatic categories.

Practical Test Standards (PTS)

To avoid the need to compensate for such situations, tests should be conducted under normal conditions, whenever possible. We're your knees in your ears, Greg?

No more than one partial re-test will be allowed for each complete flight test. Failure to obtain the minimum pass mark or the failure of any flight test item constitutes failure of the flight test. Airspeed may be increased slightly during a turn or in turbulent conditions.

Aeroplane Performance Ground Item Aim To understand the recommended operating procedures, performance capabilities and approved limitations of the aeroplane being used for the flight test. The responsibility and authority of an examiner, while conducting any flight test, is illustrated by the following non-exhaustive list. Description The candidate will demonstrate adequate knowledge of the procedures to be used in the event of an emergency or a malfunction for the installed systems, subsystems and devices. Refer to the sample at the end of this document.