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Iranian forces are quickly overwhelmed and a pro-Allied government installed. If a target benefits from both soft cover and hard cover, use the one that applies to the majority of the unit.

It remained useful against armoured cars and lighter vehicles, as well as against emplaced infantry. The fierce fighting around Cassino demonstrates both the ferocity of the German defence and just how well suited the terrain is to resist invasion. All distances in this book are given in inches e. In the following turn, if the shooter fires at the same target unit, and if the shooter has not moved from their position i.

Some Terrain For an entertaining game of Bolt Action, it's important to give your troops some cover and objectives to seize on the battlefield. The explosions are the official Bolt Action pin markers, while the helmet-and-rifle markers can also be acquired from Warlord Games, spareage seals catalog pdf or recreated using spare parts from plastic infantry kits. Rules What is Bolt Action?

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Dense Terrain Because of the intervening area of dense terrain rubble, wood, ruins etc. Defenders roll to damage d. Each pin marker on the unit will reduce its chance of hitting in the usual way. The fighting continues until the end of the war, but the balance of power shifts inexorably in favour of the Allies.

Dutch troops are soon driven from the ports and oil refineries by Japanese invaders including paratroops. In each turn the players follow the sequence as shown below.

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As there is no taking cover from a grenade blast, bayonet thrust or point-blank shot, all close quarter attacks against other infantry or artillery crews hit automatically. You can buy terrain or build it from scratch, but for your first few games, a pile of books serves well as a hill and a few boxes as a buildings. Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift as you can order multiple units to fire or advance in concert.

Where we wish to make a distinction between particular kinds of machine gun, or particular kinds of weapon of any type, we will introduce a special rule in the Army List. The Germans attack in a pincer movement from the north and south. Cover is most likely to take the form of vegetation such as hedgerows or trees, or something more solid like rubble, wreckage or ruins. Had the shooters managed to cause three casualties, a morale check would have been required, and if failed would have resulted in the unit being destroyed.

One good way of thinking about this is to imagine that the templates form one odd-shaped new template that must be used along the same principles as a single larger round template. Fearing its capture by the Japanese, the last bridge over the river is demolished.

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Before the game begins it is important that the players rate the terrain according to type and decide for themselves what amounts to soft and hard cover. We distinguish between light, medium and heavy weapons. Take charge of Operation Barbarossa and drive towards Moscow or command the steadfast defenders of the Soviet Union. In other situations, the presence of other units, whether friends or foes, obscures a portion of the target making it harder for the shooters to draw a line of fire. They are often found mounted onto vehicles for defence against aircraft.

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Defenders take casualties c. If there are any problems with your order, or somebody just bought you the wrong thing as a present, please get in touch. Casablanca in Morocco, Oran in western Algeria, and Algiers.

The Japanese finally surrender in June. Note that this may mean some shooters in the same unit might require a greater score to hit than others. Airfields in the Marianas allow B Superfortress bombers to mount raids on the Japanese mainland. Estimates of potential American casualties made by military commanders at the time and by historians since vary from hundreds of thousands to well over a million. Paratroops and glider borne troops are used to secure advance positions and sow panic amongst the defenders.

Documents Similar To Bolt Action (Digital).pdf

Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook - Warlord Games

If a unit in Ambush is shot at it can react by going down just like a unit that has not yet taken an action. Roll a die to find what action the unit takes. View in Store A free rulebook? Rulebook The rules explain how to fight a battle, issuing orders to your units to move, shoot or assault at close quarters. We now have the digital version of the newest Bolt Action Theatre rulebooks available in the Warlord Games webstore.

Downloadable Bolt Action rules summary

With supply lines compromised and the monsoon approaching the British mount a retreat to India. The aim is to establish the feasibility of conducting larger scale operations and ultimately to prepare the way for an invasion of the continent.

The remainder are sent back to France. Each unit hit suffers a number of hits equal to the number of its models that are under the template.