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To decrease the illumination intensity Press the button briefly. Windshield Heating The microfilter captures dust and pollen. The higher the If the air outside the car has an rate, the more effective the heating or unpleasant odor or contains pollut- cooling will be. Press the edge of the lens.

Direct deactivation from second tempera- ture setting. Unlocking The Liftgate Watch during the closing process to be sure that no one is injured. With each brief press of the button, the illumination intensity is reduced in steps.

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Pressing the switch again stops the opera- tion. Shift the selector lever into position P or N. Never place heavy or hard objects on the luggage compartment cover, as otherwise occupants could be injured during braking maneuvers.

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Press the switch downwards. If a Check Control message has been stored, the corresponding message is displayed. Engine malfunction Stop the car and switch off the engine. Only attach snow chains in pairs to the front wheels with the following tires.

Mini Cooper Owner s Manual

The doors and tailgate are unlocked or locked only. Do not actuate the starter for too short a time. Press the button for at least two seconds. Make corrections in the longitudinal adjustment of the seat to ensure that the safety belt still fits firmly against your body.

Intermediate settings and colors are possible. Drive of convertible top overheated! The doors, the tailgate and the fuel filler door are unlocked or locked. Pull up as far as it will go.

To prevent injury in the event of an accident, close the glove compart- ment immediately after use. John cooper Works Cooper s. Do not continue driving, otherwise, the engine could be damaged because of inadequate lubrication. See the table for information on causes and how to react.

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Automobile Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages. Mini Mini Owner's Manual pages. Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages.

Release the lever so that the backrest locks into place. Tire Replacement To maintain good handling and vehicle response, use only tires of a single tread configuration from a single manufacturer.

You can operate the system with the engine Clearing stored programs running or with the ignition switched on. Release the igni- tion key immediately when the engine starts. Controls Overview Controls overview Odometer, outside Press the button in the turn indicator lever repeatedly until the current speed appears temperature display, in the lower display.

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The vehicle can now only be driven with a limited gear selection. To engage Lever automatically locks in position.

Carefully bring the car to a stop. Light-emitting Diodes Failure to do so could result in damage caused by undesired wiper activa- tion. Reducing brightness Press the button briefly.

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Move the convertible top to its uppermost posi- Screw out the bulb holder counterclockwise. Press and hold the button until the display changes.

Do not leave a wet convertible top open for more than one day, since the humidity may cause damages. You can also use the same method to help start another vehicle. Comply with legal requirements requiring you to carry a hazard warning triangle in the vehicle. Full engine power no longer available You can continue your journey, but moderate your speed and exercise due caution. We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly.

Manual operation In the event of an electrical malfunction, sun java code conventions pdf you can also operate the tailgate manually. Page Online Edition for Part No. The correct seating position also works together with the safety belts and airbags to provide occupants with maximum levels of passive safety in an accident. The Check Control monitors vehicle functions and alerts you to any malfunctions in the sys- tems monitored.

To increase the illumination intensity Keep the button pressed until the desired brightness is reached. Jack the vehicle up until the wheel you are changing is raised from the ground. An indicator lamp comes on To set the corresponding units of measure, refer when the remaining range is less than approx.