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Add web clips to quickly access your favorite sites directly from the Home screen. Then iPod touch suggests individual photos or a sequence of photos that you might like best. FaceTime camera has improved face detection to recognize faces faster and more accurately.

The four most recently used app are shown at the bottom of the screen. On some screens such as webpages, you can also scroll side to side. Airplane Mode Airplane mode disables the wireless features of iPod touch to reduce potential interference with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.

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Tap the pin that marks a business, then tap next to the name. Open an app from Search Enter the app name, then tap to open the app directly from the search results. Select an editable text field, double-tap to display the insertion point and the onscreen keyboard, and type characters. Page Speaking automatically resumes when you select another item.

You can listen to audio or watch video podcasts from the iTunes Store, either by streaming them from the Internet or by downloading them directly to iPod touch. Typing Adding Wallpaper You can set an image or photo as wallpaper for the Lock screen. Airplay On iPod touch, select the keyboard listed under Devices. Tap a letter to jump to items starting with that letter.

Page Chinese characters directly on the screen with your finger. Search the web and the current page. Searching Icons next to the search results show which app the results are from. Genius Mixes are synced automatically, unless you manually manage your music and choose which mixes you want to sync in iTunes.

Send unlimited texts with iMessage over Wi-Fi. Printing For information about AirPrint, go to support. Tap the Genius playlist, then tap Delete. Tap and tap next to a stock, then tap Delete.

With text selected, flick up or down to choose Cut, Copy, or Paste, then double-tap. You can also go to the iTunes Store from Music by tapping the Store button when browsing. Page Accessibility and choose the features you want. Go to your bookshelf and tap Books. Clear all text and attachments, Tap Edit, then tap Clear All.

Check to make sure a sync is not in progress, then disconnect the cable. Tap and tap next to a city, then tap Delete.

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Flick left or right to view additional screenshot pages. Tap any browse button at the bottom of the screen, or tap More to see additional browse buttons. If a download is interrupted, iPod touch starts the download again the next time it has an Internet connection. Tap Route Overview to return to the overview screen.

You can also copy and paste photos. Tap next to a video to see buttons for adding the video to a list. Type the passkey on the keyboard as instructed, then press Return. Get a number from memory a white ring indicates a number is stored in memory.

Security Features If iPod touch is extremely low on power, the display may be blank for up to two minutes before one of the low-battery images appears. Tap Search to dismiss the keyboard and see more of the results. Maps Find your current approximate location, and use your current location to get driving directions to or from another place.

Or browse your favorite sites with Safari. Keep up with your friends by sharing updates, photos, and videos.

The main camera is on the back of iPod touch. Page Make sure the rotor is set to edit. Scrolling Drag up or down to scroll.

To return to map view, tap the map inset in the lower-right corner. Drag Your edits are copied to the playlist in your iTunes library the next time you sync iPod touch with your computer. Tap one of the source accounts.

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Learning VoiceOver gestures When VoiceOver is turned on, the standard touchscreen gestures have different effects. And with iCloud Photo Library, you can easily access, edit, and share your photos on all your devices. Delete clocks or change their order.

After that, you can follow friends of friends using Ping on iPod touch. Space gray, blue, gold, pink, and silver.

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Calculator Tap numbers and functions in Calculator just as you would with a standard calculator. Swipe the alert from left to right.

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You can choose an image that came with iPod touch, or a photo synced to iPod touch from your computer. Enter events on iPod touch and they sync back to the calendar on your computer. If necessary, iPod touch may compress the photo or video.

To enhance your music experience even more, Apple Music is available on your iPod touch, right in the Music app. If you use iBooks and the same Apple account on multiple devices, all of your book details stay in sync. When your iPod reaches its end of life, ana maria brigido sociologia de la educacion pdf contact Apple or your local authorities to learn about recycling options.

You're not going to find a manual for the iPod touch in the small plastic box that the device comes in. Typing Japanese Kana Use the Kana keypad to select syllables.