2005 Honda Crf450r Manual Pdf

Drain the remaining fuel in the float bowl by remov- jet. Install the muffler clamp by aligning the tab of the clamp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. Shift the transmission into neutral.

Brakes Rein- is probably air in the brake system and it must be bled. Push out the fork center bolt from the axle holder of the Pour the fork oil from the oil hole of the fork damper. Loosen the lock nuts and turn the adjusting bolt cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted before each outing. Check the fuel valve and fuel filter for contamina- The fuel filter is mounted on the bottom of the fuel tank. When the hot start lever is is opened.


Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel valve. Install the six clutch springs and bolts. Loosen the intake band screw. However, there are some unique atmospheric conditions or race day situations that may require additional adjustments. Allow the air cleaner to dry thoroughly.

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Change the main jet and slow jet as required. Sand track Lower the rear end to impove front wheel stability by increasing Race Sag reduce spring preload.


Install the engine oil filler cap. If either pad is worn anywhere per to determine the pad wear. Disconnect the crankcase breather tube. Rear Suspension Do not attempt to disassemble, disconnect or replacement.

Honda CRF450R Owner s Manual

The porcelain insulator around the center elec- trode should appear tan or medium gray. Reassemble the fuel filter in the reverse order of re- moval. Test ride after each adjustment. Drive Chain Sliders Lubrication Commercially prepared drive chain lubricants may be purchased at most motorcycle shops and should be used in preference to motor oil.

Authorized Manuals For purchases outside U. Check the flange bolts for tightness.

All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of. Put the breather tube in the steering stem nut. Install the fuel tank on the frame.

Apply air cleaner oil to the entire surface, inner and outer, and rub it with both hands to saturate the air cleaner with oil. Install a new exhaust pipe gasket, exhaust pipe and tighten the radiator hose clamp securely. Install the fuel filter in the fuel tank.

Apply the recommended fork oil to the O- Insert both fork legs into the fork clamps. Pour the fork oil from the outer tube. Tighten the lock nut at the desired pedal height. Pre-adjustment Checks To install the carburetor, reverse the removal proce- Before adjusting carburetor settings, check the follow- dures.

Honda CRF450R Owner s Manual

Additional corrosion protec- kinks or other damage that may restrict throttle con- tion is offered by using Honda Dielectric Grease on trol in anyway. Both lighter and heavier than standard springs are avail- able for the shock and fork from your authorized Honda dealer. After dry- ing, a fine balance pdf soak the air cleaner in clean Pro Honda Foam Filter Oil or an equivalent air cleaner oil.

Honda 2005 CRF450R Owner s ManualHONDA CRFR OWNER S MANUAL Pdf Download

Make sure the O-ring is in place. Inflate the tires to their recommended pressures. Turning the adjuster screw one full turn clock- stages with separate adjusters.

Tighten the fork lower pinch bolts. Move the handlebar from lock to lock all electrical connections.

Do not support the brake caliper by the brake hose. Stuff a rag into the silencer outlet. Then tie a plastic bag over the end of the silencer to prevent moisture from entering. Install the newly selected shims on the valve retainers. Inspect and Clean, Adjust, Lubricate or Replace if necessary.

Honda 2005 CRF450R Owner s Manual

The clutch springs have sky blue paint. Lubricate any sliding surface, O- rings. Install the side covers, side cover bolts and collars. Run the engine for three minutes, then shut if off.